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My new blog

If you are reading this you are at my old blog. While my time with Svbtle was fun I have moved on to a new blog hosted with Ghost on my own server under my Github organization, NineTail Labs

Please visit my new blog here

Old content will be left here but no new post will be made


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Application Insight for C# WPF

Note See an updated Application Insight client post on my new blog

There is a lot of talk about Microsoft’s Application Insight platform and rightly so, it is an amazing tool for gathering and analyzing application telemetry with a minimal amount of work, but there is one catch, it is not officially available for WPF (or Forms if that floats your boat.) This guide will walk you through the steps required to successfully implement Application Insights in your WPF application.

The code that I’m going to be walking through is available on my GitHub page so feel free to go and fork yourself a copy or just follow along here. My code makes use of the awesome Fody library as well as the Property Changing library for Fody. I also use the Relay Command class which can be found here.

Setting up Application Insights in Azure

First things first you are going to need an Azure account. If you do...

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SSIS Component Error

Today I encountered a puzzling problem while running an SSIS package that contained BPC components. The packages kept failing at the BPC components with the following error:

The contact information for this task is “”

I hunted everywhere on the web but could not find a practical solution. I finally came across a post that suggested checking in the GAC and XML of the package to ensure that the version of the file in the XML matches the version in the GAC.

The versions and public key matched perfectly so this was obviously not the problem, however this finally brought me the enlightenment I needed to solve the problem. The referenced packages were all x86 and the SSIS packages were being executed as 64bit.

So how do you solve this problem?

All you have to do is switch the bitness of the package during debugging.

The Solution

Once this is done the package will be executed as a 32bit package and...

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Running Periodic Android Sync Adapter

According to the Android documentation a Sync Adapter that is set to run periodically should be set in milliseconds when it should, in fact be set to run in seconds.

So, if you encounter this problem, you now know how to solve it.

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Remember when I said that I might post fun little rants? No…? Well, here is my first one.

So yesterday I decided that I needed to play some games and ended up choosing Darksiders, a hack and slash set on post apocalyptic earth. Should be easy to get into and put down again, right? Wrong!

So what went wrong, you might ask? Well let me tell you. I fired up the game and immediately headed over to the controls section so I could get the button config and set up my Orbweaver, which is where I hit the first snag. The only thing being shown under the control section is the Xbox controller with no discernible keyboard controls and only a single mention of a mouse. Not a problem, I thought to myself, I’ll just tough it out and figure out the keyboard mapping myself. So I jumped straight into a new game only to find that neither mouse nor keyboard mashing resulted in any action on screen.


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Multi-value SSRS report parameters from C#

If you are calling SSRS reports from C and setting the parameters programatically you will sooner or later come across a case where you have to assign a parameter with multiple values. This problem proved quite vexing but I have found the (rather simple) solution so here it is:

string[] foobarValues = new string[] { "foo", "bar", "rnd" };

//Create the list of parameters that will be passed to the report
List reportParameters = new List();

//Set up the multi-value parameter and add the foobarValues array to it
ReportParameter multiValueParam = new ReportParameter("foobar");

//Finally we add the multi-value parameter to our main parameter list

//Set the ReportViewers parameters to the list of ReportParameters we just created


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My little corner

So yeah, after countless aeons I am back. To be honest I’ve tried this before and it has never worked for me, but I figured after travelling the world for a spell it’s time to give it another shot.

So, this is all about me.

In case you don’t know or haven’t guessed I am a developer (.net specifically although I might diverge sometime) and an Otaku. If either of these are against your sensibilities then head elsewhere. For those who are interested, I will be posting code snippets as well as my thoughts on development practices and other IT related content. Of course I will also have anime and manga content (including my thoughts) as well as other Japanese based stuff.

Yes, I love my IPhone and my IPad and am not willing to trade it in for any Android device no matter what you say. To be honest this isn’t open for discussion (as it usually end up in flame wars) and you will not be able...

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