SSIS Component Error

Today I encountered a puzzling problem while running an SSIS package that contained BPC components. The packages kept failing at the BPC components with the following error:

The contact information for this task is “”

I hunted everywhere on the web but could not find a practical solution. I finally came across a post that suggested checking in the GAC and XML of the package to ensure that the version of the file in the XML matches the version in the GAC.

The versions and public key matched perfectly so this was obviously not the problem, however this finally brought me the enlightenment I needed to solve the problem. The referenced packages were all x86 and the SSIS packages were being executed as 64bit.

So how do you solve this problem?

All you have to do is switch the bitness of the package during debugging.

The Solution

Once this is done the package will be executed as a 32bit package and the 32bit components will be executed correctly.


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